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Create a new abundance matrix

Online Classes

The classes are designed to expand consciousness, raise vibratioin, anchor higher dimensional energy, increase a flow of abundance and more. The classes are personally taught by Mashhur Anam.

December Sunday Holographic Playground - Align & Awaken

Life Harmonized Holographic Playground - Mashhur Anam, Kristen WebsterJoin Mashhur Anam and Kristen Webster for these expansive calls on Sunday mornings. Understand holograms, what processes you can apply at any situation, manifest faster, rewrite your old non-beneficial patterns and redesign your reality. This is the place for you to learn, grow, play and manifest!

  • Focus on aligning with your higher purpose in December and prepare for 2015
  • Explore new possibilities and expand your consciousness
  • Learn to use the holographic tools and programs effectively
  • Take action steps to design a new life for yourself
  • Learn to operate from your heart space with neutrality and non-judgment
  • Ask questions about your challenges and learn to transform them
  • Raise your vibration, create abundance, learn to manifest faster and begin to create you ideal life
Format: The calls are designed to have live audience Q&A, teaching to help everyone go deeper and resolve issues and a guided journey, integration and consciousness expansion process. Bring your questions, awareness, observations and playful spirit to these inspirational Sunday morning calls.

Date and Time: Sundays from 9 am - 10:30 am Eastern
Download and Replay: Replay and download options are available for each call and journey separately.
December registration only (not recurring) for $34

2014 Horoscopes: Capricorn Energy Matrix Integration

Capricorn Energy Matrix IntegrationA New Moon on December 21, the Winter Solstice, occurs on the same day Uranus stations direct. Anticipate opportunity to come out of the blue - take advantage of this cycle. It'll be up to you to stay open to possibilities and take advantage of new options. Each month, we enter a new zodiac that brings in different planetary alignments, energy, influence and information. Instead of accepting the traditional ways of "this is a good month for me" or "this is a bad month for me" - go beyond 3 dimensional options and start to integrate and harmonize the energy of each cycle.
  • Utilize the energy, anticipate opportunity to come out of the blue and take action
  • Be open to possibilities and take advantage of new options
  • Prepare your space for the new year
  • Harmonize the energy of the elements (earth, fire, air, water and ether) for your personal energy field
  • Align your energy for finances, career, relationships and personal growth
  • Integrate the beneficial energy of Capricorn for your alignment and success
  • Neutralize the non-beneficial energy of Capricorn and let go of old patterns
  • Integrate and harmonize the energy and influence of the planets, the sun and the moon
  • Integrate and harmonize the energy of the 12 astrological houses
Date and Time: Monday, December 22nd at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific (45 minutes of integration)
Replay and Download: You can listen to the replay and download the call even if you cannot attend live.

Register for the Capricorn Energy Integration call for $21
Purchase the Sagittarius Energy Integration call for $21

Spiritual Alchemy™

Spiritual Alchemy Spiritual Alchemy™ is very unique and one of the most powerful spiritual and personal transformation classes you can attend. It is a process for self-mastery and self-discovery. This class is not full of theories and history but it is full of energy matrix integrations, consciousness expansion and practical applications for designing your ideal life. One of the extraordinary advantages of this class is beginning a process to heal your soul’s journey and awaken your stellar imprints.
  • When we combine the knowledge from science, technology and spirituality, we understand that the atoms in our body were created at the heart of different stars
  • As the stars ascended, the physical energy burst created energies and structures that came together and formed galaxies, solar systems, planets and rocks which formed the building blocks of all living beings
  • We each carry messages from the stars and when we align with our core stellar information, life becomes more purposeful and magical
  • Let us journey into the stars and begin to awaken your core messages and embody stellar energies to create a passionate and purpose filled life
  • Are you ready to be empowered by the stars that gave birth to you so that you can rise above all challenges and become one with divine love?

Listen to the Preview call and integrate energies from the Andromeda and the Milky Way galaxies.
Visit the Spiritual Alchemy™ page to learn more and register.

Antares B Integration

Antares A and Antares B Antares B is a star in constellation Scorpius. It is a companion star of Antares A which is a Red Supergiant and the 16th brightest star in the night sky with a radius that is 883 times that of the Sun.
  • Release deep core ancient memories of sufferings of your soul's journey
  • Neutralize non-beneficial subconscious programming (create a list of your non-beneficial beliefs and repeating patterns before listening to the processing)
  • Remove physical time restrictions with the integration of Antares B time-grid Matrix. With practice, you can navigate timelines and operate from a 5th dimensional environment
  • Harmonize unresolved soul blocks that prevent you from succeeding in life
  • Harmonize the evolutionary path of your soul’s journey
  • Navigate through a web of possibilities to access new solutions (the more you practice, the easier it gets)
Recording: You can purchase the recording of this powerful call now (45 minutes of integration + Q&A)
Regular Price: $88. Special Introductory Rate: $48.

Activate the 12 Rays of the Sun

12 Rays of the Sun Activate the 12 Rays of the Sun program is designed to activate the 12 rays for you. The 12 rays will be anchored in your chakras, corresponding organs and your energy field. These 12 rays will also be anchored on your hands, fingers and palms. As a result, you will be able to project and radiate not only the 7 visible rays of the sun but also the 5 spiritual rays of the sun to your daily issues, work with your clients, use the rays for healing and transformation, help cleanse and purify chakras and organs for people, cleanse and energize your food, increase your vibration, expand your consciousness, increase vibration of any object, harmonize and energize your goals to speed up your manifestation process and more.

Benefits of this class:
  • Anchor 12 rays on your hands, palms and fingers and use them for healing, transformation and manifestation
  • Receive more detailed information about each of the 12 rays and how to use them
  • Understand where they are anchored on the planet and the body
  • Receive an alignment and deep cleansing of your chakras
  • Reactivate the 7 visible rays of the sun in your body
  • Activate the 5 spiritual rays of the sun in your personal energy field
  • Deep cleansing with the 5 spiritual rays
  • Integrate higher vibration and frequencies for yourself and the planet
  • Start to activate your dormant chakras 8 through 12
  • Start to integrate 5th dimensional vibration
  • Learn how to turn on these rays in your energy field like turning on a light bulb

Listen to the last preview call of this program and ACTIVATE the VIOLET Ray of the Sun as a gift to you.

Click here to learn more about Activating the 12 Rays of the Sun.

You can purchase this newly encoded transformational and expansive program for a discounted price.

Reshape Your Health - Achieve Ideal Health and Weight

  • Are you ready to heal your relationship with your body and reshape it?
  • Do you know that your words, your thoughts, your feelings and how you look at
    your body can create resistance and stop you from releasing extra weight?
  • Are you using empowering words and feelings to broadcast your vision of ideal health?
  • Do you know that thinking of losing weight can trigger a defensive response from your body and that this prevents the majority of people from being able to reshape their body?

The Reshape Your Health program is designed for you to:
  • Experience a new Dream State Sequence Activation for your ideal weight and body shape
  • Experience a new Holographic Program for transforming the shape of your body. This powerful program has an integrated sound harmonics matrix (not audible background sound) encoded in the program to help you release non-beneficial extra weight as sound waves
  • Harmonize your emotional health and release any extra burden from your energy field
  • Harmonize your mental health and let go of old attachments that prevent you from achieving your ideal weight and body shape
  • Deep cleanse your spiritual health and transform the energy of fear into joy to reshape your physical body
  • Allow love to enter each cell of your body to begin your healing process
  • Detach from external judgment about what you should look like and learn to focus on what your body really wants
  • Work with the energy of the rain forest to maintain a healthy body

Click here to learn more about the program

Embody Love

Heal your relationships with self, twin flame, and soul mates

Embody Love - Heal your relationships with self, twin flames, and soul mates Embody Love is one of the most powerful processing and integration classes you can attend to transform love and relationships for your Soul's journey. Join this very special 3-part class and tap into the energy of Valentine's Day. Your Soul has journeyed through many different parts of this universe and projected many different personalities. Explore the entire timeline of your Soul’s journey to identify how you have connected to Soul mates, Twin Flame and others for Love and Romance. Isolate timelines that created blocked patterns in Love and initiate a healing process.

  • Explore the path of your Soul's romantic journey through a Vortex of Time
  • Release deep core ancient memories of sufferings of your soul's journey
  • For different timelines, review your romantic connections with your soulmates, twin flame and others
  • Initiate a healing process for your connection to your soul mates
  • Initiate a healing process for your connection to your twin flame
  • Harmonize unresolved soul blocks that prevent you from receiving love and romance in life
  • Activate your core soul-love vibration
  • Two special Dream-State Sequences. The first one is for transforming old relationship patterns and the second one is to broadcast your ideal relationship vision
A Special Gift for You: We are at a crossroad where we need to resolve old ties, unresolved issues and blocked patterns in Love to step into our Wholeness.

You can choose to register for the program on a sliding scale. The price for the 3-part intensive Embody Love series is $297. However, to help facilitate your personal transformation, multiple payment options are available based on your current flow of abundance. You can choose any amount between $97 and $297 (for example, $97, $144, $197, $247, $297).

Recordings: You can purchase the recording of this powerful series today. You will receive 3 MP3 recordings and 2 Dream State Sequences.
Regular Price: $297. Choose your special rate.

Working with the Ascended Masters

Do you know about the ascended masters and beings?
Have you ever connected to any?
Do you believe you can?
Have you ever been taught how to connect besides waiting for someone to show up?
Would you like to open your true potential and create stronger alignment for your true purpose?
Would you like to play an even bigger role for our planetary shift and transformation by directly working with the ascended masters?
What if you could have direct connections to some ascended masters and receive guidance from them?

More and more people are learning about ascended masters every day. However, very few are actually working with them or reaching out to them simply because they have only been lectured about the masters. Many do not believe that they can actually establish communication as their vibration is not high enough. Then there is the other group who are working on raising their consciousness hoping that someday an ascended being will reach out to them. Most people have not been taught how to actually create connections and exchange information with them.

A very custom version of the Harmonic Shield has been developed for this class. This new and advanced Harmonic Shield, like other holographic tools and programs, has been constructed beyond our normal space-time-continuum and uses multi-dimensional interface and holographic programming technology. This advanced Harmonic Shield is not only a container for your secure journey but now it will also have direct quick connection interface built in as a part of the custom Harmonic Shield. This quick link interface would allow you to establish direct connections to ascended masters who are agreeing to becoming a part of this process. For the first time in our known history, with this advanced interface you can establish connections to these ascended beings in a way that is similar to making a phone call.

Below is a list of Ascended Masters for the first batch of connections. All of these powerful conscious beings are playing very important roles to shape the future of our new earth and humanity. More masters will join in the future.

There has been some major changes to the Ascended Masters who would hold the vibration of the 7 visible rays of the sun for humanity and the new earth. You will also learn about them.

Part 1:
  • Master El Morya: Master of the Red Ray of the sun. Connected to power, will, higher principle and structure. Learn to use his vibration to achieve your goals.
  • Master Sanat Kumara & Goddess Venus: Helping humanity to experience true love and twin flame connections. Find true love using their connection.
  • Goddess Fortuna: Roman Goddess of fortune. Increase your abundance vibration using her connection.
Part 2:
  • Master Khutumi: Once master of the Orange Ray of the sun, Khutumi has been connected to unconditional love and service and his vibration also brings pure joy, fun and fluidity in life. Master Khutumi now holds the vibration for of the Yellow Ray of the sun to help with creativity and genious for the new earth.
  • Master Hilarion: He was the Master of the Blue Ray of the sun. Now he is the master of the Green Ray of the sun. He holds the vibration for healing and the merger of health, wellness, science and truth for humanity and the new earth.
  • Goddess Athena: Connected to peace, wisdom and justice and helps to protect civilizations. She is also seen as the warrior goddess but helps to preserve peace and harmony. She is now the master of the Blue Ray of the sun. She will oversee development of new science and technology for the new earth to help restore harmony among people and civilizations. Add more harmony in life and work with her vibration for new tools, technology and projects that would benefit humanity and the planet earth.
  • Lord Ganesh: Remover of obstacles. Helps to transform your issues and blocks. Learn to work with his vibration to break through issues and resistance and also create abundance.
  • Lord Buddha: Rise above pain and suffering and anchor non-violence for the new earth. He now holds the vibration of the Indigo Ray of the sun and will help humanity to rise above religious conflicts and different types of discrimination. Learn to work with his vibration to move into total neutrality, non-judgment and operate from your higher consciousness.
  • Goddess Quan Yin: Known as the goddess of compassion and mercy. Anchor her vibration to move toward your highest level of consciousness for this lifetime.
  • Lord Shiva: Known as the transformer of energy. Also he has worked on resolving and harmonizing karmic ties and timeline disharmony for humanity. Lord Shiva now holds the vibration of the Violet Ray of the sun and is working on a planetary transformation of systems, consciousness, resolving karmic ties or timeline disharmony and creating new options for planetary transformation and transition. Use his connection to work on different timelines, transform your issue and redesign your life.
Benefits of this class:
  • Learn to establish secure communication with these masters in a sacred space
  • Learn to recognize them and receive their messages
  • Configuration of the new custom Harmonic Shield with quick connection interface
  • Establish telepathic connection with them
  • Increase your intuition and knowing the truth
  • Solve issues quickly with maximum harmony
  • Immerse in their energetic vibration and expand your own consciousness to shift to a 5th dimensional vibration
  • Increase abundance and manifest quickly
  • Raise your vibration and receive healing
  • Accomplish your vision, purpose and help your family, friends and humanity to transition to a new earth
  • Practice connecting with them using the holographic interface
You can now purchase the recordings of this very powerful 2-part live calls, unedited and infused with powerful energy of the Ascended Masters. You will also listen to Q&A after each connection from some of the participants in the group which may answer your questions. Once you purchase, the custom shield and interface will be installed for you and you will be included in the process. So you will receive the same benefits as participating in the live calls.
Part 1: 104 minutes
Part 2: 104 minutes
Regular Price: $248. Special Introductory Rate: $148

Unlock Your Abundance Matrix

With Mashhur Anam and Kristen Webster

This powerful program leverages the power and potential of your human spirit along with cutting edge 5-D holographic tools and programs to create an experience unlike any other you have ever had before. It is a 29-day intensive immersion program designed to help you to completely rewrite your abundance matrix and the way you look at abundance in ALL areas of your life.
Rock Your Abundance Matrix -
Break through to a new level of abundance in your life
  • Learn how to reprogram your thoughts and reactions to create a solid foundation for success
  • Raise your savings and income thresholds
  • Learn to use a special Abundance Mandala, the Life Resort Platform™, the Wheel of Fortuna™ and more
  • Expand your consciousness and step into a more multi-dimensional way of being by detaching from 3D wealth concepts and anchoring a new 5th dimensional abundance matrix
  • Create new belief-systems by using a time line grid to rewrite your history
  • Redesign and reprogram your reality using powerful holographic tools and programs
  • Ignite your passion and creativity so you can live a life of magic, purpose, and unlimited possibilities
  • Explore how to leverage the collective power of Morphic Fields to shift your abundance matrix exponentially
Click here to learn more, read testimonials and listen to the preview call.

Crystalline Matrix Activation, Healing and Reconfiguration

Crystalline Matrix Activation, Healing and Reconfiguration The Crystalline Matrix Activation, Healing and Reconfiguration process runs for 7 days. This is a 2-part online class. The dates are to start and complete the process, however, the process can automatically adjust as people and the planet integrate higher energy. Our human body structure contains a crystalline matrix. This matrix is formed using a Fibonacci sequence and sacred geometry. There are major crystal points on our head, heart, hands, feet, chakras and meridians. Each cell of our body has a central crystal structure and forms around it using specific geometric ratio.

Our crystals also act as holographic data storage medium, meaning crystals hold memory. Information passed down through generations, through the environment and timelines are stored in our crystalline matrix. As we expand our consciousness and raise our vibration to move toward 5th Dimension, our crystalline structure will get stronger to hold more light and multidimensional information. By attending this class, you can expedite your journey into a multidimensional environment.

As we continue our journey to higher dimensions and start a process of ascension, it is important to have our Crystalline Matrix harmonized and optimized to hold the maximum light and information. This process will gradually allow you to integrate higher vibration, light and information to prepare your Crystalline Matrix for the ascension process.

Next Classes:
Part 1 - Saturday, December 13th, 2014 at 10am US-Eastern / 7am Pacific
Part 2 - Saturday, December 20th, 2014 at 10am US-Eastern / 7am Pacific
If you cannot attend live, you can listen to the recording.

Click here to listen to the Preview Call

Benefits of this class:
  • Release deep core crystal memory blocks that prevent you from achieving your highest purpose and the highest level of your consciousness
  • Increase vibration of your personal energy field
  • Activate major crystal points in your body and your field
  • Heal earth's crystalline matrix grid is connected to your personal matrix
  • Release non-beneficial ancestral memory from your individual matrix
  • Release trauma, pain, shame, guilt, betrayal that has happened in your lifetime or in your ancestry
  • Harmonize the flow of energy through your 12 major Chakras
  • Begin to open up memories of other timelines
  • Release and transform patterns of disharmony from your primary crystal points
  • Atomic structure alignment of your physical body and your energy field
  • Integrate a new light matrix for 5th dimensional vibration
  • Begin to integrate and anchor ascension level vibration
  • You will also receive your crystalline matrix energy level measurement for before and after the class. This measurement will be done by professional consultants using a specific scale that is used in feng shui and many other modalities for measurement of energetic vibration and evaluation or calculation of changes
Click here to learn more details and review before and after group measurements.

Regular Price: $498. Register for $249 Registration closed

Monthly Goals - Replay Access

The first weekday of each month (excluding holidays), we go on a guided journey beyond 3D to expand our consciousness, raise our vibration, program our goals and visions and set up our monthly container in the hologram. Please sign up for the newsletter to receive call-in number and access code.
Listen to the replays here.

2014 Year of the Wood Horse Feng Shui